Hiring Mick and Lane brings distinct benefits to you and to your people!

We are business professionals who know the challenges your people face, and know how to help overcome and tackle those challenges. We truly have “been there and done that” as a business advisers, trainers, facilitators, and problem solvers to 250+ organizations. Our business experience, background and straight-forward approach allow us to work extremely well with any size organization.

We have a breadth of experience, sense of humor and sincerity that your audience will relate to as we get up close and personal.  We have served not only Fortune 500 companies, but smaller organizations on the road to becoming bigger and better. Organizations from Aetos, Air Wisconsin (United), Banta, Bemis, Georgia Pacific, Gulfstream Aerospace, Institute of Management Accountants, International Paper, Kimberly Clark, NASA, Sonoco, Spectrum, US Navy, US Army, Wisconsin Energy, YWCA to Zyquest all attest to their ability to “speak” their language.

We are speakers/authors/consultants recognized as experts by the media and business press. Leading publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Delta Sky Magazine, and specialty publications such as Security Management have called upon us for commentary and articles.

FLR programs provide practical information to apply NOW! The job isn’t done unless participants take specific action culminating in bottom-line results. Each presentation, workshop, management retreat, facilitated event or seminar is designed to produce a change in the way people do business–challenging them to action! Fast Lane Results doesn’t just deliver excellent “take-aways” they deliver an experience your audience will unlikely forget.

FLR’s professionalism goes well beyond customization to being on-site in the trenches when possible, showing up early and learning the issues from your organizations’ perspective. Mick and Lane stay for questions, never sell anything from the platform (except high energy and excitement) and are very conscientious about travel and other costs. FLR handouts and visuals are always top-notch. Mick and Lane ALWAY stays within time limits!  And when you’re in a bind, FLR is there to help you and the program get back on track.

FLR offers meeting and event planners more program flexibility and choice. FLR’s range of expertise and experience, presentation topics and formats allow for more choices and better flexibility so your needs are sure to be met. Mick and Lane are equally effective as a keynotes, workshop leaders, coaches or facilitators.

Five Great Reasons to Hire Fast Lane Results

Are you looking for high-impact leadership development training for events, facilitation for meetings, a keynote speaker for conferences, or executive coaching for yourself or your team? FLR provides a unique learning approach and has the knowledge, experience, and credentials you need for sustainable change.

1. Custom Design

At FLR, we take time to truly listen to our clients to get to know the vision and mission of the organization and what they want to accomplish. We also take time to get to know others in the organization who are working to make that vision a reality. For you as a FLR client, that means dedicated time to truly build the trust it takes and custom design a program to make change happen over time in your organization.

2. Clearly Defined Goals

We are focused on a level of detail that many organizations are not. We build a clearly defined set of goals for each program from a one hour talk to a multi-week retreat. There is no guessing about what you want to achieve for your organization and how we can help you get there as a result of your time and money invested with us.

3. Expertise

We have more than 50 years of combined leadership development experience in designing and delivering events. We understand the importance of well-facilitated events, connecting with participants, promoting rich dialog, recognizing learning moments, asking provocative questions, and including experiential learning and interactive team exercises in order for participants to attain a deep learning experience.

4. Experience

We have conducted countless speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, courses, programs, and events. We have learned what works and what doesn’t work inside and outside of the training room. When you hire us, you gain the experience of a team that has propelled individuals, teams, and organizations to a higher level.

5. Authenticity

When you hire us, you hire a team that is dedicated to authenticity and high-impact sustainable results. We will tell you the truth, the whole truth, and even the truth when it sometimes hurts. If you are looking to hire a consultant, facilitator, speaker, or executive coach with a high level of authenticity and integrity, please contact us.

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