Can you afford a dysfunctional team?  

From start to finish, we’ll help you create highly effective, functional teams!

Building Teams in Your Organization

We have trained and facilitated 1000’s of employees in how to become an effective and focused work or project team.  We provide team exercises, activities and learning opportunities to create a cohesive and focused team…without the fluff!.  We use team assessments to help team members understand themselves and each other.

Getting Your Team Focused

We direct and facilitate new teams to get them beyond the forming, storming, norming stages to become teams that truly perform.  We also work closely with management to understand their critical role in the process.

Team Coaching

There is nothing worse than a team of people who all have great ability and expertise in a specific area but simply can’t “get along.”  We help you determine what the real issues are and coach you in taking corrective, timely action.

Teams need a lot of direction from management to be truly effective and maximize talent—we partner with you through the entire process until your teams are fully competent/mature and well on their way!

Dealing with “Bad Apples”

Teams cannot perform if dysfunctional behavior is allowed to tear at the fabric of that team.  We are expert at identifying and dealing with dysfunctional employee behavior and will recommend the best course of action.