Can you afford an organization where people are sub-optimized because of lack of training?  

We can customize a talent development program that will power your top talent and put them in the Fast Lane!  We’ve done it for 1000’s of people in 250+ organizations.

Featuring Pre-event assessment tools and post-event executive coaching – We build talent development programs using a combination of lecture and experiential learning that consist of pre-event assessments and homework, industry visits, team building activities, case studies and videos, socials, a capstone team project, brief outs to senior leadership, and post event 1:1 executive coaching.

Do you want to optimize your talent?

We help individuals, teams, and organizations strengthen leadership skills, improve thinking capacities, and provide a deep learning experience that produces sustainable high-performing and high-impact results. Our programs provide the tools and skills you need to lead effectively in an increasingly challenging future, solve the most complex challenges you face, and ignite organizational culture change. If you don’t see a topic you are interested in below, we can design a session tailored to you….please call us to discuss!

Sample Learning Event Topics – create your own!

Building TrustChange ManagementCommunication Skills
Conflict ManagementDecision Making SkillsEmotional Intelligence
Employee EngagementExecutive Leadership SkillsHigh Order Thought™
High Performance TeamsImproving ExecutionInnovation & Strategy
Leading Without AuthorityLeveraging Time & EnergyOrganizational Culture
Polarity ThinkingPositive BehaviorsProject Leadership
Strategic ThinkingTransforming LeadersWork Life Balance

Leadership training–changing behavior means changing lives…

We have developed and delivered powerful training programs for 26,000+ participants in 250+ organizations—large and small.  Our focus is always on the most fundamental and critical skills of effective leadership.

When you invest in professional development for your people, you get an increase in trust, communication, alignment, and execution leading to improved decision making and the speed of getting things done…all of these things provide a decrease in time, so the return on investment (ROI) is high. We help individuals, teams, and organizations take their leadership skills to a higher level.

We use a combination of lecture and experiential learning that are memorable and provide applicable tools in the workplace. We are masterful at digging deep at critical issues that are barriers to success; helping you develop your talent by giving your people the tools they need to increase performance and productivity.


Here’s what we can do for you…

   The critical must have “people” skills…


Moving Into Management—for New (or “Wannabe”) Supervisors: The tools and techniques to get new leaders off on the right foot. New leaders walk away more confident in their leadership knowing exactly what it’s going to take to succeed.  For your new leaders to learn critical skills to ensure their success–leadership, motivation, teamwork, trust, and communication.

The Job of Supervisor—A Critical Role in Your Organization:  Supervisors will learn the essential skills and tools necessary to be successful in their critical role in your organization.  Tools to become the “go to,” successful leader every organization needs.

Enduring, Effective Leadership Skills and Practices: Down-to-earth, rock solid leadership skills, tools and techniques from someone absolutely passionate about leadership.

Creating a Fully Engaged Workplace:Motivating employees doesn’t just happen, it is the result of an excellent leader that understands what is at the core of each employee and how to lead them effectively.  Create a “full throttle” workplace where people look forward to coming to work.

Building an Unbreakable Team: Learn from a pro who has helped create some impressive teams; no silly “teamwork” fluff here.  Learn the key to creating “real” teamwork and enduring success.

Re-Energizing the Not-So-New Leader:  Many managers haven’t been given the tools of great leaders, they simply rose through the ranks with the expectation that they fully understood how to be a great leader.  These good, hard-working managers will learn what they’re doing right and what they need to do to maintain great results.

Dealing Effectively with Interpersonal Conflict:  Conflict is a difficult issue in many organizations because some are unwilling or unable to resolve their conflicts with others, resulting in long-term losses in productivity and effectiveness.  Productive people know that conflict is best resolved directly and immediately.

Managing Conflict Between Your Employees: Unresolved conflict between employees within an organization not only affects them, but everyone around them. Conflict is probably one of the biggest “people problems” organizations face today, simply because managers don’t allow individuals to resolve their own problems.  They “take them over!”  An effective leader knows that unresolved conflict between employees is deadly, and that his credibility is on the line if conflict is allowed to “fester!”

Problem Solving—Fixing What Matters:  Find and fix the problems that really matter; the ones that cost the most, not the frivolous, “feel good” ones.  Get your organization working on problems with the biggest bang!  The biggest ROI!  A powerful, no “mumbo jumbo” eight step process that gets to the root of an organization’s most critical problems.

Dynamic, Results Oriented Meetings:  Meetings are a huge waste of time in too many organizations because of a lack of discipline and planning. Effective leaders direct the structure of the meeting, while using a simple three step process to facilitate timely discussions and decisions; resulting in excellent outcomes and money saved!

Effective Communication Skills:Getting Your Ideas Across: Good leaders understand the need to get their ideas across effectively to ensure complete understanding.  An effective step-by-step process to ensure your ideas are understood and your people are engaged.

Effective Communication and Listening Skills:  Listening and the ability to get to the heart of an issue is at the core of effective leadership.  Learn how to set the stage and ask the right questions.





The Performance Management Process–Creating a Standard of Excellence and Accountability


Setting Performance Standards:The key to excellent performance is well-established standards for all employees. Leaders absolutely must learn to do something so basic, yet so critical for their employees if they’re going to be successful.

Coaching and Training Job Skills: Good leaders understand that one of their most important jobs is to spend time up-front to effectively train and coach employees in the skills that will help them meet the performance standards.

When Employees Are On the Right Track

Giving Earned Praise:Effective leaders use recognition to constantly reinforce positive results in others, which in turn continuously motivates and engages them.  Employees NEED to be recognized every seven days to maintain a high level of motivation. Recognition is relatively easy, inexpensive and incredibly powerful when it’s done right!

Coaching for Continuous Employee Improvement:  The hard-working dependable employees need coaching as much or more than the superstars whose performance stands out. Employees need to continuously look for ways to improve upon already good performance and work to make their jobs easier, more efficient and effective.

Reviews and Performance Development Planning: Performance planning is all about guaranteeing long-term organizational success! Find out where an employees want to go and help them build the necessary skills to get there.  No more “look in the rear view mirror” dysfunctional yearly reviews…it’s time to drive performance forward!

When Employees Are On the WRONG Track

Giving Constructive Feedback:Feedback is essential for maintaining and improving the performance of your employees. Without feedback they have nothing to guide them and keep them on course.

Coaching to Correct Work Habits/Behaviors:When employees fail to use the constructive feedback they’ve been given it’s essential for the leader to intervene; to work with the employee to correct performance issues. Directing and correcting employee performance is an absolutely critical leadership skill.

Corrective Action & Discipline:A tool that too many managers don’t want to use and that real leaders view as critical to their success. There’s nothing worse than a problem employee who has been allowed to negatively affect those around him; all because a manager was afraid to act.  There is a time and a place for getting the employee to either change his behavior or leave the organization–and when it happens it won’t come as a surprise to anyone if the performance management process is used correctly!

Leadership Skills–the “good to haves”


Strategic Interviewing Techniques: Tools and techniques that get to the character, integrity, skills and passion of a candidate.  Past work history is great, determining if your candidate has the character and passion to perform…priceless!

Ethics and Integrity, A Foundation For Success: Good ethics are at the core of an effective organization; having a huge impact on long-term success. There’s no room for moral relevancy in the workplace or utilitarian ethics—right is right and wrong is wrong!

Effective Change Management: Change can be an organization’s best friend or worst enemy…it’s all in how it’s managed. Effective leaders manage change step-by-step, keeping their employees involved every step of the way.

Dealing with Politics and People:It’s not about who’s who!  It’s about how you handle difficult people and the politics at play in every organization.

A Practical Guide to Understanding Lean Tools and Processes:  Too many lean tools sound intimidating and hard to apply; time to cut through the clutter.  The “Practical Guide” explains what the tools are for and how to use them.  Lean tools are extremely effective in improving productivity and quality in virtually any work setting.

A Practical Guide To Understanding Quality:  The basics of quality management that anyone can understand and apply.

Tools for Providing Exceptional Service


Building a Guest Forever Culture: Organizations can no longer focus on increasing prices or reducing expenses to improve the bottom-line. Great service organizations know that competitive advantage is gained by developing and sustaining an incredible service culture. Learn how to build a “guest forever” Monkey Business empirejust like Leader Monkey in the Monkey Business Book.

Effective Daily Huddles that Truly Engage Employee Passion: Daily huddles are essential for creating an energized workplace with a clear focus on the customer.

Opportunities for Improvement: An OFI program is at the heart of fixing many broken workplace systems.  Engaging and empowering employees to improve the systems and processes that affect their ability to get the job done right!

Executive Coaching post-training to make it STICK!

One-on-one, executive coaching from professionals who have successfully coached janitors to presidents.  No fluff, just solid management advice and training along with a real passion to hold your managers accountable to make the necessary changes.

Have you really experienced the value of “after-training” coaching?

There are two major elements to executive coaching: 1) determining the issues and challenges, and 2) mutually developing a plan to achieve real results and changes in behavior.  We will partner with your managers and do both!

Improve your people, improve your bottom-line!