Lane Fabby is the Inaugural Program Director of the Army Senior Logistician Advanced Course (SLAC)—this program is an executive strategic leadership event sponsored by the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 and the Civilian Logistics Career Management Office for GS 13-15 civilians within the 0346 community. The objective of SLAC is to close competency gaps, focus on current and future readiness, and provide participants with a broadening perspective of the DoD 12 Integrated Product Support competencies. Lane designed this 2-week course to be a deep learning event that includes facilitation by subject matter experts, pre-work, private industry visits, socials, a capstone team project, and outbriefs to Army senior leadership.

Senior Logistician Advanced Course–Program Schedule  Week 1
Monday 9/18Tuesday 9/19Wednesday 9/20Thursday 9/21Friday 9/22
0730Networking TimeNetworking TimeNetworking TimeNetworking TimeTravel to Site0730
0800Welcome andReflectionsReflectionsReflectionsIndustry Site0800
0830 Personal IntroductionsIntegration of Financial Management Across the Life CycleSustaining EngineeringSupply SupportVisit Science0830
1000BreakBreakBreakBreakand Engineering1000
1015Strategic Context SettingManaging in an ERP-Centric EnvironmentSustaining EngineeringSupply SupportServices1015
1145LunchLunchLunchLunchWorking Lunch1145
1245Senior Leader PanelTraining & Training SupportTechncial DataMaintenance Planning & ManagementIndustry1245
1430Course Overview and Tech DemoManpower & PersonalTechncial DataMaintenance Planning & ManagementVisit1430
1600Problem Solving SettingAssessmentsAssessmentsGraduationSCI1600
1630 & Analytical ToolsCapstone GroupsCapstone GroupsCapstone GroupsTechnology1630
1700Opening Social1700
The Westin


Senior Logistician Advanced Course–Program Schedule  Week 2
Monday 9/25Tuesday 9/26Wednesday 9/27Thursday 9/28Friday 9/29
0730Networking TimeNetworking TimeNetworking TimeNetworking TimeNetworking Time0730
0800ReflectionsReflectionsReflectionsReflectionsMr. Bill Moore0800
0830Packaging, Handling, Storage & TransportationProduct Support ManagementFacilities & InfrastructurePost ExamCourse Briefings to Senior Leaders0830
1015Packaging, Handling, Storage & TransportationProduct Support ManagementFacilities & Infrastructure blah ablaCapstone ExerciseCourse Briefings to Senior Leaders1015
1145LunchLunchLunchCapstone Exercise–Working LunchGraduaction Ceremony & Certificate Presentation1145
1245Computer ResourcesDesign InterfaceSupport EquipmentCapstone ExerciseDeparture1245
1430Innovation with Managing End-to-End Supply ChainsDesign InterfaceCybersecurity SolutionsCapstone Exercise & Practice1430
1630Capstone GroupsCapstone GroupsCapstone GroupsPractice1630
1700Closing Dinner Jackson Center1700