Don’t take the risk!  Hire highly experienced professionals that will move your organization forward with the right tool at the right time?  

Based upon years of experience working with organizations from “mom and pops” to Fortune 100 companies, we have identified and created the tools that will make your organization more productive, efficient and successful!  We will tell you what you need to hear and NOT what you may want to hear. Our role is to create an honest, candid, functional relationship with all of the stakeholders in your organization. If you want a thorough, honest understanding of what is happening in your organization and tools to make you stronger, we can do that…we provide rock-solid solutions!

Wonderfully powerful tools that get results!

We Build Effective Teams

Can you afford a dysfunctional team?
From start to finish, we’ll help you create highly effective, functional teams!
We have trained and facilitated 1000’s of employees in how to become an effective and focused work or project team. We provide team exercises, activities and learning opportunities to create a cohesive and focused team…without the fluff!. We use team assessments to help team members understand themselves and each other.

We Provide Powerful Assessments

Can you risk a “square peg in a round hole?”
We provide powerful, proprietary assessments that identify what works and more importantly, what needs to change so you can operate in the fast lane!
The assessment tools that we use identify critical needs of individuals, teams, and organizations to help improve awareness of self and others, preferences and styles, teaming, trust, communication, alignment, performance, and execution. All our executive coaching engagements and most of our learning events include assessments during the needs assessment process.

We Develop Executives

Can you afford to not continually grow your leaders?
Let us help you create life-long learning for your leaders at the top!
In today’s fast-paced environment and being faced with constant challenges, changing technologies, and a fluid environment, executives especially must continue to broaden their perspectives and strive for continual professional executive development.

We Coach High Performance

Are you willing to forgo the benefit of an outsider’s perspective?
We’ll give you the help you need to get into the fast lane–improve yourself and your organization!
One-on-one, high level executive coaching by a fully certified coach—someone who knows the challenges of leading an organization. Sometimes it takes a soft-touch and gentle encouragement, other times the coaching may be a little “stronger.” Either way, you get the help you need, highly effective tools and coaches that will hold you accountable to make the necessary changes you need to get the results you want.

We Move Your Agenda Forward

How important is your next event, conference or management meeting?
Let us move your agenda at full-speed so you get results!
We understand the importance of well-facilitated events, promoting strategic thinking, connecting with participants, encouraging rich dialog, recognizing learning moments, asking provocative questions, and implementing experiential learning in order to create a deep learning experience resulting in high performance and organizational culture change.

We Help You Plan

Can you risk not having a long-term strategic plan?
We’ll help you create a strategic plan so your business can flourish!
Critical to organizational success is the development and execution of a strategic plan that can survive changing and unanticipated situations. We use a working model in the planning process itself that results in deep learning and the discovery of new information and overall awareness.


We Create Mentoring Programs

Can you afford to let your top talent go without mentoring?
We can set up a mentoring program that identifies and nurtures your talent!
Developing an effective mentoring program in your organization to promote high performance and bring out the best in your talent. Mentoring is all about relationships–providing a safe environment where the mentor and mentee create a trusting relationship and address issues affecting professional and/or personal success.

We Create Corporate Universities

Do you need a competitive advantage in growing and retaining your people?
Create a customized corporate university for your organization–let us do the heavy lifting so you get results!
Designing, developing, and delivering a customized Corporate University for fostering individual and organizational learning and knowledge. We will work with you in creating a feasibility study, identifying the goals of a Corporate University, creating powerful, effective curriculum, implementing it, and training your staff to manage all aspects of your new University.

We Find Subject Matter Experts

Do you have extra time to find just the right subject matter expert?
Finding subject matter experts to meet your needs can be hard, we’ll make it easy for you!
Whether you want a course in Cybersecurity, Engineering, Information Technology or Business Management, we partner with subject matter experts and will work with you to 1) identify your specific needs, 2) design a customized program, 3) locate and verify a subject matter experts, 4) on-board them, and 5) partner with you to ensure intended outcomes are met.