Monkey Business, 7 Laws of the Jungle for Becoming Best of the Bunch
by Mick Hager

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Foreword by Jill Lajdziak, General Motors, former CEO—Saturn Division

Welcome to the jungle where in a clever metaphor of today’s business climate the authors have spun a light-hearted tale of Leader Monkey and his entrepreneurial exploits. Driven by his passion for his work and desire to be the best, Leader branches out from his banana-picking job where he is undervalued and his outstanding achievements underappreciated. He embraces change and creates his own successful monkey business based upon such simple, sound business principles as: Monkeys should be treated and rewarded according to how well they perform; treating customers like royalty breeds loyalty; hire for attitude; fix the systems and the processes, not the animals; and more.





Book Reviews

Monkey Business is terrific!  It’s fundamentally sound business principles are wrapped in humor and clever language, which makes for a fun reading experience.  This could be a breakthrough book.

Dr. Leonard Berry, author of the business best seller Discovering the Soul of Service. Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Lowry Mays College of Business, Texas A&M University


“Monkey Business by Mick Hager, Sandy Wight, and Steve Tyink is a book that teaches everybody, from top “bananas” to junior level executives, to become better “sellers”. It dishes out simple rules to providing better service, and how to become an important part of the organisation.” review of MB



“I’ve never seen, read, or heard of a business series like Monkey Business. You’ll enjoy swinging with the monkeys through a canopy of great, new service ideas! Monkey Business is an enjoyable, easy read and a creative, useful tool for quality service delivery. This business series can make a difference in the world.”
Dr. Leland Nicholls, Director, UW-Stout Center for Service Excellence




“I found Monkey Business to be a refreshing approach to supporting an organization’s pursuit of reaching their strategic objectives, most importantly increased revenue through customer loyalty. The story and supporting materials are written in a way that I find most effective in getting participants to engage; fun and simple.

Leaders will value the opportunity to really apply the methods described. Where previously written stories have fallen short in application specifics, the Monkey Business book series does an excellent job at providing leaders tools on how to work with their associates to provide their customer communities with superior service. Employees will enjoy the messages and methods described, which will increase their intrinsic rewards going forward.

And for the executive leadership Team of an organization, this series will certainly satisfy their criteria of engaging in activities that provide a clear line of sight to the strategic objectives of their business, loyal and dedicated clients, with a strong ROI.”

Kurt Johnson, Vice President – Client Services Consultant Right Management Consultants, Appleton, Wisconsin


“With so much focus today on process, Monkey Business is a breath of fresh air in helping employees to remember their customers!”


Eric Shawger, Customer Operations Manager – GE Healthcare; VP Chicago Chapter – International Customer Service Association.


“The first time through you’re struck by the many humorous analogous references to the animal “kinkdom”, and the second time you’re seriously impressed with truisms the authors portray. “The jungle of mediocrity eats superstars for breakfast”—“We judge ourselves on our intentions, others judge us on our words and our actions”—“If you love what you do, you’re living, not working”—“Unless you can tell the color of your customers’ eyes during a face to face service moment, you’re not fully engaged”
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Curtis M. Walker, Executive Director, Midwest Golf Course Owners Association, Bloomington, Minnesota


“I think that Monkey Business touched on more issues in the workplace than Who Move My Cheese? Monkey Business dealt with not only attitude but also diversity in the workplace, how to treat a customer, how to treat employees, and how to treat co-workers. Monkey Business also presented many different personality types – not just the 4 presented in Who Moved My Cheese?

An organization that treats its customers like royalty but also respects that its employees have needs is the one that truly gets it. I believe that an employee should give 100%, but if a company can show compassion and actually make the employee’s family part of the companies ‘family,’ it can’t go wrong.”

Jenny Garrison, Director of Children’s Ministry, Springlake Church, Green Bay, Wisconsin


“What I enjoyed relating to is your “fire in the belly” attitude, that is so contagious, that you communicate (verbally, body language, gestures, etc) daily about what it takes to take care of your family, customers, your people and your associates and you were able to transfer that zeal to the book. Well done, Mick!!!”

Mike Weller
President, Miller Electric Mfg. Appleton, Wisconsin

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“Monkey Business is a light-hearted approach to the serious business of engaging customers and employees in a mutually beneficial relationship. Enlightening, poignant, funny, insightful and motivational are just a few of the words that fit this message. Where can I find a full serving of Monkey Magic?

Margie Weiss, PhD, APNP, CEO/Community Health Advocate, Neuroscience Group of Northeast Wisconsin



“This book has the potential of being a ‘home run’ because it is simple, timely and powerful. Wonderful job!”  Read Tom’s Review…

Tom Wiltzius, Senior VP–Organizational Consulting, Right Management Consultants, Appleton, Wisconsin


“Before I started reading this book I thought to myself ‘does the world really need another book about customer focus?’. Well, fortunately for me, I charged ahead and found I couldn’t put the bloody book down!! An easy, fun read that is more than just about customer focus and is right on……I know because I’ve seen the concepts work in real life!!!”

William Raaths, Chief Executive Officer, Great Northern Corporation, Appleton, Wisconsin


Read this terrific little book and you’ll understand why service is the last true differentiator in the business world. In this interesting and humorous tale, we learn the importance of connecting with customers in meaningful ways and creating personal, emotional experiences just for them. As Leader believed back then, and as winning companies do today, “It isn’t about the one big thing you do for your guests. It’s about the 1000 little things that create delightful customer experiences.” In other words, sweat the small stuff.”

Dr. Edward B. Harris, Dean, Service Management Program Director, University of Wisconsin – Stout, Malcolm Baldridge Award Winner


“Wonderful book! I really enjoyed reading Monkey Business After being in business for 20 years, it is easy to forget some of the most important things about running a business! I really love how this book focuses on “truly caring about your clients and learning to understand what they really want.” The Laws of the Jungle are so important to remember. This book also reminds managers just how important training, expectations, leading and mentoring can be for new and long-term employees! A manager’s role is essential in promoting an efficient, positive and energized work environment, and without this, a company can fail. The humorous examples and story-line really prove this point! I recommend this book for all managers, supervisors and owners! It is entertaining and inspiring for anyone!”

Lisa Powers, President, Career Options, Appleton, Wisconsin


“This mighty little book will keep you spellbound for at least an hour and a half.  It’s a masterpiece of business, marketing and management philosophy.  It’s impossible to put down.”

Mr. Robert Klein, Trainer Talk, an SMT Newsletter,

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