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Powerful, engaging keynotes with take-aways your audience will love!  Mick will use just the right approach and the right topic to energize your audience!  Lane is masterful at working with you to customize her presentation to meet your specific needs.  Simply let us know what your intended outcomes are and how you want your audience to be changed after hearing us speak.

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Mick’s Keynotes

SEAL Tough!  Mental Toughness in the Corporate World     {Time: 30-1:15}

Toughness is a mindset…a mindset of never give in, never give up!

The four pillars of SEAL toughness translated for anyone who wants to improve performance, attitude, outcomes.  There is no greater level of toughness than being “SEAL tough!”  Fear NOT!

Audience: SEAL Tough is intended for all audiences; from high school and college to  sales/customer service professionals, those in the helping professions, high achievers.

Take-Aways: The four pillars of mental toughness.

Unbreakable Spirit!  Tools for Success.      {Time: 30-1:15}

Take an incredible journey from sorrow and heartbreak to a life of resolve and success!

A powerful true tale of toughness, perseverance, challenges, potential tragedy and ultimate triumph!  In this real-life story of indomitable spirit, your audience will see their own struggles and self-inflicted barriers.  They’ll learn powerful tools for developing a positive personal dialogue, mental toughness, fortitude and resolve.  An absolutely unbreakable spirit is at the core of every truly successful person.

Mick has developed a number of programs for specific audiences and can design a program tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Audience: Unbreakable Spirit is intended for all audiences; it’s been extremely well received by grade/high school and college audiences, sales/customer service professionals, those in the helping professions, those who want to achieve.

Take-Aways: Practical, powerful tools for overcoming barriers to success; go beyond ‘feel good’ and understand what it means to be unbreakable.

A Leadership Primer: Strategies of Excellent Leaders     {Time: 1-1:30}

Mick’s most powerful presentation, having received more requests than any other topic.

A powerful commentary where the gloves come off as Mick delivers an intense and engaging primer for putting “lead” back into leadership…no more wimpy management with this guy!  Create a culture of teamwork and growth where people thrive!

Audience: The Primer is intended for anyone who leads or has a passion to lead.

Take-Aways: 19+ powerful, practical lessons for leading far more effectively.  You WON’T look at leadership the same ever again!

Maximum Performance: The Performance Management Process     {Time: 1-1:30}

Powerful tools and techniques for creating a performance-based culture that puts everyone’s performance “front and center!”

Harness the power of the performance management process to develop and grow truly productive, accountable, full-potential employees.

Audience: Maximizing Performance is intended for supervisors, managers, leaders–anyone with a passion to lead.

Put full accountability back into your organization while refreshing and re-energizing your leaders; using an intuitive, effective performance process.  Maximize your most productive, prized employees and lose the “slackers!”

Take Aways: Eight extremely effective performance management tools; tools for creating high performers, while minimizing slackers.

Laws of the Jungle for Becoming Best of the Bunch     {Time: 45-1:15}

Based on Mick’s book–create an awesome, award-winning customer service culture.

Discover what it takes to make more money, have more fun and create a “guest-forever” highly profitable business.  All this from someone who’s done it from the ground up in a nationally recognized award-winning organization.

Culture beats strategy every time…quit wasting precious time on strategy and start building a culture that lasts!  Your audience will walk away with the tools to create an award winning culture in their own organization. Engage employees and create a “guest forever” culture that results in wonderfully loyal guests.

Create an incredible guest experience and connect with every customer, every interaction, every time!  Quit talking about service, make it your passion!

Audience: Becoming the Best of the Bunch is intended for audiences with a passion for serving customers; both managers and employees.

Take-Aways: The process and tools for creating and sustaining an incredible service culture.





Lane’s Keynotes

Lane Fabby is a keynote speaker who delivers numerous energetic, customized presentations and interactive speaking engagements annually to audiences of all sizes. Lane focuses on connecting with the audience, providing thought provoking content, and inspiring audience members to go back to their organization reinvigorated to make a positive difference. After identifying important themes and specific messages needed to “hit a home run,” Lane draws from hours of material, years of experience and study, and the lessons from presenting to numerous audiences. As a result of this process, you get Lane’s best thinking, most powerful illustrations, and relevant actionable ideas leading to empowerment, motivation, and boundary expansion.

 Texas Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

Featured Keynote: Executive Leadership Skills
October 22, 2018 at Austin Marriott North in Austin, TX



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